Who We Are

Incorporated in 2014, the founder of AWHL, Mr Arich Tan outlined a vision to position AWHL as the regional leader in South East Asia. In the same year of incorporation, AWHL announced the merging of Natural Healings as one of the subsidiaries. Since then, Natural Healings has continued to grow steadily under the flag of AWHL and has emerged as the industry leader. With the increasing numbers of clinics set up island-wide, Natural Healings will continue to increase its customer base by expanding into international markets in the near future. In 2015, AWHL expanded beyond the Health and Wellness industry with its acquisition of HAACH, a Singapore leading beauty services brand. During the same year, DrHAACH was also founded as HAACH’s aesthetic wing. AWHL will continue to expand the footprint by acquisitions and establishments of brands and businesses. AWHL strives to build a thriving business ecosystem, with a unifying goal to provide top-notch products and services to help more people achieve their highest quality of life. To harness digitalisation, AWHL also extends its reach to the digital and technological industry by identifying potential businesses in this sector. This strategic move has ensured continued relevance and resilience to weather market volatility. AWHL is on a constant lookout for business opportunities and potential partnerships to create a large share of value in the business ecosystem.

About Us

AWHL is a Singapore-based homegrown investment holding company. It provides operational support to a proprietary network of health and wellness services. Through the creation, merger and acquisition of influential business units, AWHL targets to foster an environment with an extraordinary experience of transformed vitality.

Today, AWHL now maintains a nationwide network of a variety of subsidiaries dedicated to optimising your health and wellness. Our brands include:

  • NATRAHEA 康愈源, a 360 Healthcare Service Provider integrating chiropractic, functional wellness treatment, and traditional Chinese medicine therapy to deliver total wellness.
  • HAACH®, a premium beauty and wellness provider of face, skin, body spa treatments.
  • Dr HAACH-, a premium beauty provider of botox, fillers, laser, and aesthetic treatments

With sights set on establishing AWHL as a regional and international group of wellness companies, we are on a constant lookout for new M & A opportunities, business partners, and investors to expand our brand presence and reach, therefore assisting AWHL to accelerate its initial public offerings processes.

Our Focus

Strategic Business Operations


AWHL was incorporated in 2014 as an Investment Holdings Company.


To strive for growth and position AWHL as a strategic investment leader in South East Asia with businesses spanning Health, Wellness and Beauty industries. AWHL is committed to pioneer new development strategies and to provide the highest quality services and products.


To establish a thriving ecosystem that is integrating across Health, Wellness and Beauty industries. AWHL will nurture new partners and acquisitions by building, merging and acquiring businesses to integrate their capabilities. AWHL will continue to create more value, and offer more services and quality products.


Establish AWH as a regional and international group of wellness companies

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